Friday, April 9, 2010

Green and Greener

After last night's rain, everything outside has burst into total, utter green-ness! Planting my little herb garden on the fire escape last weekend only made me want more plant-life around my home. Currently my indoor plants consist of an asparagus fern, a lone succulent, and a rather sad palm... Often my cats are to blame, uprooting innocent little plants in the name of fun, chewing away on delicate leaves. But I'm sure part of the problem lies in my less-than-green thumb and lack of plant knowledge.

So, I was psyched to discover Woolly Pocket the other day over on Dwell's website. They create the coolest planters out of felt, and I love that the "Wally" wall-mounted plant pockets would keep the greenies away from kitty's teeth and claws, giving the plant at least a fighting chance of survival in my home. They've also got a really great, Garden of Eden-esque conceptual photography thing going on!

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