Friday, December 21, 2012


Last minute shoppers, unite! Come and visit me and a bunch
of awesome vendors (plus food + drinks) at Littlefield tomorrow
for Brooklyn Craft Central's Holiday Market!

It's my last holiday event before some much needed R & R. Looking
forward to some mellow time with family over the next week!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Craftin' and Collagin'

Come and join me tonight at Brooklyn Art Library's holiday extravaganza!
Holiday crafting + wine, what could be better? I'll be giving a demo and 
you can learn all my magical collage secrets....

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bright Little Things

Cute, bright things to stuff in your stocking, from top to bottom:

Anabela wallet by Marc Jacobs, Chevron striped dopp kit (via Paper Hounds blog),
Jonathan Adler Sparkle pouch

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Super Sale

Have you sent out holiday cards yet? I haven't!! It will happen ... it's just that December always sneaks up so quickly. One minute it's Halloween and then next thing you know, BAM!
Christmas time.

We're having a super duper 40% off sale on ALL of our holiday cards - singles, boxed sets, letterpress, you name it. Check out the holiday section of our shop right here.

I'm also running dangerously low on 2013 Wall Calendars, so if you've had your eye on it, better pick one up before they disappear!

xo, ashley

Friday, November 30, 2012

Comfort food

I know, it's right after Thanksgiving when I probably should be dialing
it back a little, food-wise, in preparation for the high-calorie holiday
festivities right around the corner (hello, eggnog!). But I'm craving a
little cold-weather comfort food - specifically, the grilled cheese
sandwich. Paired with a light soup or side salad, it's the perfect lunch.

Here are some ooey gooey grilled cheese sandwiches I found via Pinterest:

From top to bottom: Spinach grilled cheese, Jalapeno grilled cheese,
Mushroom & thyme grilled cheese


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Holiday craft inspiration

Above: Fun, brightly colored felt ornaments via the Purl Bee.

Below: Modern & cute DIY Advent calendar "town" by Mr. Printables

Monday, November 19, 2012

All Wrapped Up

We're delighted to be a part of this special sale event on One King's Lane today!
The sale includes some fabulous gift wrap, ribbon, gift tags & holiday cards
(including our mod holiday tree and candy cane cards, above), so check it out...

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday eye candy

Beautifully drippy paintings by Arite Kannavos. Have a great weekend!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Just say no ... nicely

I hate saying no. I don't know why, if it's some kind of innate people-pleasing thing, or not wanting to miss out on anything. I have a hard time with that word. As a small biz owner who works with a number of different clients, my initial impulse is to say "Yes, yes yes!" to every project that comes my way.

But, over the past few years on this journey, I've learned that this isn't always the best thing to do. Trust your gut. It's really easy to ignore the tiny little voice of intuition, that so often gets drowned out with the din of everyday life. When I've gone against it, I've found myself in situations that are less than ideal. I've been able to look back on a few occasions and realized that my intuition was there all along, I just didn't hear her.

I've had two situations recently where I've had to flex that "No" muscle (it gets stronger the more you use it). In one case, a client was continually pushing for work beyond the scope of our project, but did not want to pay for the additional services. So I said no. The client then wanted a refund on the services already completed - Again, I said no.

Let's say you go to the dentist and get a cleaning. Then, after the cleaning, you decide you want braces, too, for free. The dentist (logically) refuses. Would you then expect a refund on the cleaning that's already been done? I don't think so.

The second situation was a little different. This one was a more of a gray area, and I struggled with my decision (again, listening to that tiny voice). The project was for a good cause and a bit more high profile. But it's completely pro-bono. As a still-struggling small business, I wasn't sure I had the resources to take on the project. Additionally, in order to do the project well, it would take a fairly significant time investment during what is already an incredibly busy time of year for me. But I think the biggest factor in the decision was an intuition thing, that I just wasn't sure the client valued my time or input, and when it's pro-bono you need to be fully committed. So I said no, somewhat reluctantly.

In both of the above situations, I provided the clients with alternative solutions they could move forward with.

Keep in mind the big N-O is a powerful tool, to be wielded with care. You'll know when you've used it correctly because you'll feel that a weight has been lifted. And you'll create more space for other more positive opportunities to come in. I still say yes most of the time! And I've been fortunate that the majority of my clients are a true pleasure to work with.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Love Nature NYC

I found myself next to Love Nature NYC at a craft market over a year ago and
immediately fell in love with their all-natural body scrubs, soaps and candles
(as did my mom). Jared recently launched a new line of beautifully packaged
candles, designed by Tara of Ink & Wit. Tara has an innate sense for typography,
pattern and material, never overdesigning and always creating something covetable.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Finds

Cute fall finds via Quirk Gallery, a well-curated, Richmond, VA-based shop.

1. Gold and sequin bead necklace 2. Donna Wilson plate 3. Phone handset (a must-have -
so much more ergonomic than talking on that hard little rectangle!) 4. Elephant, made
from recycled sweatshirts 5. Baggu i-pad case, also available in a yummy neon yellow

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Recent Press

Our gold foil and citron letterpress thank you card is featured in the most recent issue of Stationery Trends, along some other wonderful stationery design talents.

You can grab these cards as a single or a set in our etsy shop. A very glamorous way to say thanks! The set of six cards also makes a nice little gifty for your favorite party host, mom, boss, etc...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Art Prints + Sale

Hi there! Introducing are our newest art prints, the Mod collection!
The Mod Animal prints can be personalized or blank, and make a fun
addition to any kid's room or playroom. The Bonjour print is a tribute
to my love for frenchie things; my greeting card line already has a few
francais nods so it was a natural progression...

To celebrate the debut of these cuties, ALL Art Prints in the shop
are 30% off! Just enter ARTSALE at checkout!

Monday, October 1, 2012

One King's Lane: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

We're participating in a smashing stationery sale over at One King's Lane,
along with fellow paper talents Fawnsberg and Paperfinger! Some of
the items featured in the sale are super-new and aren't even available
in our shop yet. Get on over there and check it out - certain cards are
already selling out. Sale ends Thursday.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sometimes things can't happen all at once, you know?

I found these wise words in a recent issue of Inc. magazine (always a good source of inspiration for me). When I get frustrated with the challenges of growing a small business - wanting to grow much faster than I currently am, wishing I had more cash flow to develop all the ideas I've got percolating in my head, working to build relationships with stores - sometimes it's good to just step back, take a breath and recognize how far things have come.

Have the patience to let the seeds take root - and keep preparing! You never know when the next great opportunity will come knocking, so be ready. Know that each tiny step - each tiny seed you plant - is an important one along the long-term path to success, and just keep at it.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Color Inspiration

I have been buried under a pile of work - buried! Finally digging my way out and seeing
some light. I might even have time to cook dinner tonight, yes!

Here are some colorful gems from NY Fashion Week, part of J. Crew's spring 2013 lineup.
Lovely palette! I'm especially into the technicolor floral print on the blouse, above right,
and clutch, below right.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Back to School Sale - 2 more days!!!

Our Back to School sale ends Wednesday!
Use code "BTS2012" to get 20% off our pocket journals, art prints, greeting cards and more...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Smoothie


It's been a busy August so far here at Fine Day Press!! Getting ready for our fall calendar orders, plus a few fun and demanding design projects, have kept my hands very full the past few weeks.

Smoothies are super easy to make when you have the ingredients on hand and ready to toss in the blender; this one makes a filling breakfast on a busy day.

We've been buying lots of summer fruits at the farmers market - especially peaches right now, yum. They're all so perfectly ripe that it can be hard to eat them before they go bad - I like to cut them into chunks and spread them out in the freezer in a large ziploc bag. Then you have fruit to use in smoothies all week.

Put in blender:

• half of a banana frozen - cut it into chunks before you freeze it for easier blending
• handful of peaches
• handful of strawberries
• handful of spinach (trust me, you won't even taste it)
• 1/4 cup plain greek yogurt (approximately - I just scoop a hunk in)
• tsp chia seeds
• 1/8 cup rolled oats (adds texture and fiber)
• tbsp of honey or a little less
• plain almond milk (just enough to cover the fruit - you can add a little more as you blend if it's too thick)


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

healthy & delicious

(image via Gourmande in the Kitchen)

After a decadent weekend at the beach (hello, ice cream and fried clams! not together
though, ew), I was looking for a delicious and simple summer salad. I love zucchini
and use it all the time in stir frys, etc. I have had a "zucchini carpaccio" dish a few times
at restaurants, and at the time, it seemed to me to fancy to whip up at home. Wrong!

This recipe on Gourmande in the Kitchen is easy and so delicious. I substituted basil for mint.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


I'm taking the day off tomorrow to head out to one of my favorite places, Montauk!
If you've never been there, it's a special place definitely worth the effort it takes
to get all the way to the very tippy top end of Long Island (3+ hours from NYC).

We go once a year with a big group of friends and it's always beyond fun. This year
will be a little different because my husband is bringing along his new friend -
a surfboard! He's excited to test it out, while I will lounge on shore with a stack of
magazines. Unless it's really hot out, I can't get more than my big toe into the
ice-cold Montauk waters. And with temps forecasted in the upper 70s this weekend,
it's not looking like a super sweaty weekend. We'll see!

For more pics, check out my Montauk Pinboard.
Bon week-end amis!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I am obsessed with these whisks by product design gurus Ding3000
for Normann Copenhagen that I first saw in House Beautiful:

One of my least favorite kitchen tasks is cleaning egg goo (or a thick
roux, etc..) off all those curvy, intertwine-y parts on a traditional whisk.
This design totally eliminates that problem, AND when they're not
in use, you can make them nice and skinny. Space savers are always
appreciated in NYC apartments. Now, the only problem is that the
great color combinations make it hard to decide which one to buy!!
I'm definitely leaning towards lavender or mint.

You can buy one right here at Gretel Home!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Men's Custom Stationery

I have another custom project to share with you! This one was especially fun to work on. My client, Tina, wanted to create a custom personalized stationery set as a surprise anniversary gift for her husband, featuring his prominent beard as a motif along with his initials.

I created a personal logo using these elements with the beard icon in a curry/gold color; we added this same accent color as a border on the notecard.  The charcoal and gold striped custom envelope liner adds a sophisticated touch to balance out the whimsy.

Thanks to Nole for sharing this project on Oh So Beautiful Paper last week!

Friday, July 13, 2012

New Luxe Pattern Collection is up...

Introducing our new Luxe Pattern Collection!

Glam gold foil meets punchy patterns and modern color, all on eco-friendly recycled materials printed locally. The gold foil adds a special touch for an extra-nice birthday or thank you greeting. The coasters and notebooks make great gifts - but you may be tempted to keep them all for yourself!

Right now, you can get 20% off your order in our etsy shop - simply click "Apply shop coupon code" before checkout and enter code “LUXEPATTERN” in the coupon code field. Sale ends July 18th.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Edge Painting

I'm into edge painting right now - it's a fun way to add a really special touch
to your custom invitation or business card, especially with all the neon colors
that are so hot at the moment! It also works well in subtler colors (like the
light celadon above) or in metallics, yum.

If you do decide to use this technique, I recommend using a super duper thick
cover stock, otherwise the effect can get a little lost. You can combine with
letterpress or flat printing.

Image below from Bella Figura; above, wedding invitations seen on
Oh So Beautiful Paper.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Lauren & Kaivon's tropical tote

I created this custom tote bag for Lauren and Kaivon's super-romantic wedding
on the stunning tropical island of Turks & Caicos. Each guest received a tote,
filled with all sorts of island-related goodies from the couple. So fun, and such
a great memento of their special wedding weekend!

(Contact me for more info on creating a custom tote for your wedding...)

Monday, June 25, 2012

this is just to say

This is one of my all-time favorite poems. It comes into my mind often on very hot
days, like the one we had last week in NYC, when I returned home from a day out
in the city's sticky humid heat and savored a refrigerator-cold cherry (and then
several more...). One of summer's blissful pleasures.

(this is just to say by william carlos williams)