Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sometimes things can't happen all at once, you know?

I found these wise words in a recent issue of Inc. magazine (always a good source of inspiration for me). When I get frustrated with the challenges of growing a small business - wanting to grow much faster than I currently am, wishing I had more cash flow to develop all the ideas I've got percolating in my head, working to build relationships with stores - sometimes it's good to just step back, take a breath and recognize how far things have come.

Have the patience to let the seeds take root - and keep preparing! You never know when the next great opportunity will come knocking, so be ready. Know that each tiny step - each tiny seed you plant - is an important one along the long-term path to success, and just keep at it.


  1. Love this post, Ashley. Definitely need to remember these words at times and appreciate you sharing them and your inspiring thoughts. : )