Monday, July 16, 2012

Men's Custom Stationery

I have another custom project to share with you! This one was especially fun to work on. My client, Tina, wanted to create a custom personalized stationery set as a surprise anniversary gift for her husband, featuring his prominent beard as a motif along with his initials.

I created a personal logo using these elements with the beard icon in a curry/gold color; we added this same accent color as a border on the notecard.  The charcoal and gold striped custom envelope liner adds a sophisticated touch to balance out the whimsy.

Thanks to Nole for sharing this project on Oh So Beautiful Paper last week!


  1. Men’s custom stationery- now that’s a great idea. For a young, charismatic executive, personalized stationery such as personalized notepads can make all the difference.

  2. For my 50th birthday, I had my own set of personalized wedding stationery. I loved it and my guests were truly inspired by these invites. Nothing beats your own set of stationery!