Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer Smoothie


It's been a busy August so far here at Fine Day Press!! Getting ready for our fall calendar orders, plus a few fun and demanding design projects, have kept my hands very full the past few weeks.

Smoothies are super easy to make when you have the ingredients on hand and ready to toss in the blender; this one makes a filling breakfast on a busy day.

We've been buying lots of summer fruits at the farmers market - especially peaches right now, yum. They're all so perfectly ripe that it can be hard to eat them before they go bad - I like to cut them into chunks and spread them out in the freezer in a large ziploc bag. Then you have fruit to use in smoothies all week.

Put in blender:

• half of a banana frozen - cut it into chunks before you freeze it for easier blending
• handful of peaches
• handful of strawberries
• handful of spinach (trust me, you won't even taste it)
• 1/4 cup plain greek yogurt (approximately - I just scoop a hunk in)
• tsp chia seeds
• 1/8 cup rolled oats (adds texture and fiber)
• tbsp of honey or a little less
• plain almond milk (just enough to cover the fruit - you can add a little more as you blend if it's too thick)


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  1. ah!! i've never used raw rolled oats... UNTIL NOW. thankyouu<3