Monday, June 20, 2011

Yummy lunch

One of the best things about working out of my home office is that I can make salads for lunch any way I want to. NYC has so many of these salad places where the guy behind the counter will toss in whatever ingredients you choose, and invariably it's waaay more goat cheese than any human would normally put on their salad, for example, or they drown it in dressing. I'm not super-picky with food, but when it comes to a delicate salad, I love being able to have complete control over the proportions of toppings and lettuce and dressing. I've been eating a lot of salad-lunches these days.

Inspired by this lunch over on Oh Joy's blog, I made a delicious mixed greens salad with parmagiano reggiano cheese, pumpkin seeds and hard-boiled eggs. I was actually going for a slightly softer (medium-boiled?) egg, but I got a little distracted during the egg-cook phase of lunch prep. But, it was delicious anyway! I finished with a few squares of dark chocolate for dessert, so nice.

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