Thursday, May 10, 2012

DIY Ombre Mother's Day card

What you'll need:

1. watercolor paper, thick cardstock, or white mat board trimmed to 5x7

2. washi tape, artist's tape or masking tape

3. watercolor or gouache paint + brush

Lay your trimmed paper or cardstock on a cutting board or work surface. I like
to use a cutting board because the grid helps me keep things pretty aligned by just
eyeballing without having to measure!

Use tape to spell out "MOM". I used washi tape because it's very low-tack and
repositionable, but white artist's tape or low-tack masking tape will work just fine.
I laid pieces of tape on the cutting board and sliced them in half to make thinner
letters that fit the space. You can move the pieces around and make adjustments
as needed.

Once your letters are complete, squeeze a small dollop of color onto a palette or
paper plate (I'm using a pretty violet shade here). I start on the lighter side and
build color as I go, so I like to make a little puddle of water and slowly add more
of the watercolor pigment to it as I add brushstrokes to the paper.

Play around and have fun with the paint! There's no set rules here.
You could even do watercolor stripes or zig zags and get a super cute result.

Let the paint dry, and carefully peel off the tape, one piece at a time.
Ta da! You're done. I paired mine with a charcoal envelope.

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