Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A.S. I.S.

I met Angela Spencer at my friend Cheryl's art swap party back in May, and since then I've gotten to see what a talented designer she is, making fantastic crocheted jewelry among other things. Her newest pieces feature vintage sewing spools she found while digging around in her attic at home in England, here are her words on the piece:

"I've always collected sewing stuff since I was little don't ask me why. When I was home in April I dug around in the attic and found all my old vintage sewing spools and I decided they where just too pretty for them to stay in the attic. I crochet metallic cotton around the middle turning them into a decorative pendant."

I'm also lusting after her chain necklaces and her pink quartz necklace, which was featured in this month's Lucky magazine. See more of her wonderful work at http://www.luvasis.com/

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