Wednesday, December 22, 2010

6 Geese-A-Laying...

I had a lot of fun making a special, limited-edition holiday card for all of the great retailers who have picked up Fine Day Press in their stores (and a few who I'm still courting!). The design is inspired by the 12 Days of Christmas carol; I made a simple block print that I then printed with gold ink on a lovely, luxe textured paper. I love the way the gold ink shimmers when it catches the light, and how each print comes out with a unique texture.

For a bit of festive color, I inkjet-printed the hot pink type and added a custom, hand-cut envelope liner in two different patterns: a zig-zag with a dotty texture reminiscent of garland or snowflakes, and a more graphic, retro ornament pattern.

I'd love to make more block-print cards in the future. Next year: four calling birds?!

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