Monday, December 20, 2010

Our First-Ever Holiday Market

The holiday market at the Brooklyn Lyceum was a blast. Sold lots of cards and art prints, and made a bunch of new contacts. I really enjoyed the interaction of selling directly to customers, quite different from selling online or wholesale. I met some nice gals from Charleston, SC, a super-talented photographer, a theater artist, and a whole lot of engaged couples!

Now that I've gotten this first market under my belt, I can't wait to do more. I also came to few conclusions about my display setup - what works (the colorful table cover made by my mom, for example) and what could use some improvements and changes. I'd like my card display to be more prominent and give them more real estate on the table, while the t-shirt and tote bag display will be getting revisions. All in all, a really fun and productive day!

Top pics: the Fine Day Press table, Middle pics: shots of the overall market/space (this was right when the market opened; it got much more crowded later) Bottom: some awesome screen-printed cards by my table-neighbor Karen of Carroll Gardens-based boutique Serimony.


  1. I think also what worked is your sparkling personality!! And looking at the pics reminds me that your signage was great too!! As a consumer it's helpful to have the prices right up front, very easy and obvious. Glad to hear about all the contacts - especially the engaged couples (:

  2. Very fun time at this event. Looked well run and the work was diverse and wonderful (esp. yours!). Congrats on having a blast!