Friday, July 22, 2011

All Things Popsicle

Today I'm in the mood for popsicles! Those of you on the west coast have managed to avoid the "heat bubble", but the rest of us are roasting. It's the kind of weather that makes people talk about frying an egg on the sidewalk. I'm not looking forward to the 10-block walk to the post office - the only thing gearing me up to brave the heat is the idea of picking up a cold popsicle to accompany me on the perilous journey.

I found this homemade popsicle recipe over on the super-cute Armelle blog.

More popsicle goodness: how great is people's pops, below? Their unique all-natural frozen flavors can be found at Brooklyn Flea and many other outposts in NYC.

Lastly, our own little popsicle notecard set: stay inside by the A/C and write your friend a note!

Happy Weekend.

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