Monday, March 12, 2012

Healthy lunch!

In heavy rotation on this week's lunch menu, this cauliflower soup recipe adapted from
the latest issue of Everyday Food, pictured above. Unfortunately, I could not find the
recipe online so here's a closeup below:

As usual, I made a few modifications - I didn't sauté the cauliflower for as long as
the recipe specified because I didn't want the onions to burn. The cauliflower cooks
plenty as it simmers in the broth so sautéing them just for a few minutes to get some
color and flavor seemed adequate to me.

Also, I only used about a third of the butter the recipe called for, along with a drizzle
of olive oil, for sautéing.

Lastly, when the cauliflower was about halfway done simmering, I added a can of
(drained, rinsed) cannellini beans to the broth mixture for protein. Gotta have some
protein for a filling lunch.

I have a stick blender that I just love for making blended soups and smoothies -
with my knack for spilling, pouring boiling hot soup into a full-size blender is just
not a good idea.

And the results: delicious! I highly recommend this easy healthy recipe;
let me know if you try it.

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