Thursday, March 11, 2010

domestic contruction

I'm in the process of designing my first-ever trade show booth (only 2 months + 5 days til the NSS! oh my goodness.) so I've been searching high and low for interior inspiration of all sorts to get my brain going on the 3-d side of design, a new and exciting challenge since I'm usually a 2-d kind of gal, creatively speaking.

I was completely psyched to find the website of domestic construction, comprised of daring design duo Trish and Maureen, both alumni of SCAD (shout-out to my hometown of Savannah, GA!). The multi-disciplinary design studio specializes in interior environments, custom fabrication for windows and events, and the like, creating groovy incarnations that are equally eco-friendly and design-savvy. Truly inspired and inspiring.

And, oh yeah, they make clothes too!

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