Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Explosive color...

...literally. I was struck by the beauty and intense color of these abstract works by NYC-based artist Rosemarie Fiore. And then I read they were firework drawings, a two-word phrase that was totally new to me, and I had to know more! Turns out Fiore actually explodes fireworks in contained areas and captures the super-saturated, abstract results on paper. Check out her site to see a few shots of her work in action. As an artist, she's no stranger to rather dangerous, large-scale works; Rosemarie has also created enormous"drawings" by attaching paint to a Scrambler amusement park ride, and heated paint in a waffle iron before applying to canvas (bottom image).

I must admit those last ones do kind of make me crave a warm crispy buttery Belgian waffle though... maybe it's just me.

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