Friday, October 29, 2010

Peg and Awl

Wouldn't a bunch of these Peg and Awl candles create the perfect subtly-spooky Victorian-esque vibe for a Halloween party? I'm fascinated by the slightly macabre woodland creatures - like the tufted-tailed porcupine who adorns a wooden desk caddy - and bizarre medical imagery.

Using antique decoupaged illustrations and reclaimed 19th-century wood, this Philadelphia-based husband and wife team loves finding old things and making them new. Their look reminds me of my childhood in Savannah, a town most well-known for its historic homes, ghost stories and famous cemeteries - a great place to celebrate All Hallow's Eve!


  1. Okay, EVERYTHING from Peg + Awl is simply amazing. Wish I could buy one of everything in their shop!