Thursday, October 29, 2009

Eco-consciously Cool

I've been a big fan of Loop ever since I met owner/designer Elissa Brown Barbieri at this year's Stationery Show and fell in love with her mesmerizingly intricate, bio-science-y designs adorning recycled notecards, wrapping papers and notebooks. The ultra-eco-friendly vibe of the product line is reflected in the designs themselves; some of the patterns remind me of cellular walls - something you might have seen under the microscope in your high school biology class - turned into refined abstractions.

I recently purchased some of her doodlespark notecards (a colorful collaboration between Elissa and her mom) and was reminded of how excellent her products are. I just found out Elissa has expanded her line to include organic cotton textiles (below) featuring her beautiful, intricate patternwork. So exciting! These would make amazing pillow covers, dresses, etc.

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