Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Fun

This week I happened to come across not one but TWO rainbow cake recipes! What are the chances? Aren't they both just awesome? And both have detailed instructions. The first comes from the gorgeously delicious-looking Whisk Kid blog. I can't visit this blog without getting a contact sugar high - the desserts are that beautiful. This lemony tower-of-power is a buttercream-filled layered concoction that would leave Willie Wonka speechless.

The second cake comes to us from the very fun and very new blog 2nd Floor Living - it's a little lighter on the frosting, a bit more psychedelic, and is a more literal interpretation of the rainbow idea. It's created by layering different colors of cake batter in the same pan. How cool!

My favorite thing about these cakes is their quite normal appearance on the outside following by a pow! bam! bang! surprise on the inside. Is it a coincidence that I'm posting these a few days before my birthday? Or is it my secret birthday wish to be presented with a cake as cool as these??? You decide...


  1. This is definitely a great cake for a birthday party and making it is as fun as eating it :) The layered cake is AMAZING. Its cool to see such a sophisticated version. Thanks for sharing my post with your readers. I really like your blog and will be checking back again soon!

  2. Damn, my birthday just passed! If only I knew someone with a birthday coming up...??? Ummmm....

  3. Love it! Thanks for posting these really great cakes. I am going to add this to my list of ideas for my daughter's 4th birthday.